hey girl it's me. Marketing stalker

I recently wrote about data integrity and making strategic CRM choices from a marketing perspective. But having clean data in Salesforce (or another CRM) isn’t the end-all, be-all of your success. You also need to think about contact data (gathering it, using it, syncing it) in terms of your marketing program. Data is at the core of everything marketers […]

Inbound versus outbound marketing

My last post covered the potential pitfalls of business association blogs, and how to approach them strategically, starting with key questions about available resources and goals. This post is a sequel to that, as it constitutes most of the “meat” of the “Blogging for Business Goals“ presentation I gave to a local business association. That presentation addressed: Technical aspects […]

Data integrity is the key to your marketing

When you’re a smaller business, customer relationship management (CRM) product choices tend to lean towards the cheapest remotely-workable solution with a not-terrible reputation. Less ideal, more tolerable. In practice, early CRM adopters often use their CRM as a glorified address book with some additional tracking and records features. That’s all fine and dandy in the […]

garbage vs. art

​I was recently asked to give a presentation on blogging to a local business association. At first, I thought the presentation would be a nuts-and-bolts overview of blogging’s benefits and tactics (a topic I cover here). However, upon researching what other local business associations were doing with their blogs, I realized there were some larger issues […]

Your awesomely flawed email copy

The Often-Neglected (Yet Critical) Need for Data Integrity When it comes to CRMs, marketing software, and other data management tools, no matter the quality of your platform, garbage in = garbage out. Having recently addressed CRM choices and implementation from a marketing standpoint, I want to share some of my insights on data integrity after having been […]

Canned Crap Content

Something is fundamentally broken in the content strategy of many online businesses. I can’t count the number of times I open emails, view blogs, or download pdfs, and am shocked by the lack of unique or thoughtful content. (I know….I should learn to lower my expectations). Subheaders For the Skimmers: Intro to Bad Content. I’m […]